The console provides the framework to build and customize registry data.





General Description 
  • Manage Studies
  • Custom Forms
  • Exports Data 
  • Builds Surveys
  • Build Databases
  • Exports Data
  • Create On-Line Surveys
  • Exports Graphs
  • Exports Descriptive Statistics
Web-based Yes Yes Yes
Export Formats Excel, PDF or SAS  Excel, PDF, SAS, Stata, R, or SPSS CSV, SPSS, Fixed field text xml, or html
HIPAA Compliant  Yes Yes Yes
Registries Yes Yes No
Participant Survey Entry No Yes Yes
  • Visit Data Forms
  • Custom Reports
  • Tracks accrual
  • Manage participant data
  • Custom reports and graphs
  • Export and re-upload data
  • Manage participant surveys
  • Creates graphs
  • Creates descriptive statistics
  • No data reload
  • Cannot track accrual
  • Cannot track accrual
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Clinical Research Service Center