Reserve a Room in the IBio CRC

The CRC rooms can be scheduled using the web-based program iLab. Rooms can be booked at anytime, up to 24 hours prior to the visit time. If you need a room within 24 hours of a study visit, please call the WSU CRC at 313-577-1400.

Log in to iLab to reserve room

  • Enter login and password
  • Go to Clinical Research Center and Clinical Trials Office
  • Select IBio CRC
  • Select IBio Rooms
  • Select desired room from the following options:
    • Exam Rooms 1-4
    • Metabolic Assessment Room
    • Observation Rooms 1-2
    • Meeting Rooms 1-2
  • Highlight on calendar the room and time you are requesting
  • Create a reservation by entering the study PI Name under customer (When selecting customer, if PI's name is not visible, click the radial button *this institution* to display all names)
  • Enter the protocol name, the nurse or coordinator name, and Investigator in charge of study
  • Enter subject name in event notes, using care to select *note visible to core staff only*
  • Assign to ongoing project. If more than one study exists, select correct study.

If you are having difficulty please contact (313) 577-1400