Fixed Costs





Advertising One Time $2986
Archiving/Document storage fee One Time $1307
Audit Fee As requested $660
Copies--Black and White Each $0.02
Copies--Color Each $0.06
Document request for return for Audit As requested TBD
DMC Billing Coverage Analysis One Time $2442
Dry Ice Sample shipment One Time $500
Participant Registration and Administrative Supplies Per Participant $7
Pharmacy Start-Up Fee (Additional Costs, See Pharmacy Fee Structure) One Time $1980
Pharmacy Storage Fee Per Month $132
Pharmacy Close-Out Fee One Time $660
Pharmacy Monitoring Fee Hourly $66
Prescreen Cost (Based Upon Participant PI Prescreens and Approaches) Per Participant $66
Regulatory Document/Administrative Preparation Fee for INITIAL Submission One Time $3960
Regulatory Document Preparation Fee--Annual Review Annually $2372
Regulatory Document Preparation Fee--Amendments involving more than Minor Revisions Per Submission $610
Regulatory Document Preparation Fee--Amendments with Minor Revisions Per Submission $259
Regulatory Document Preparation and Submission Fee--AEs Per Submission  $82
Regulatory Document Preparation and Submission Fee--SAEs Per Submission $490
Source Document Creation One Time $2016
WSU CRC Initial Review Fee One Time $2355
WSU CRC Annual Review Fee Annually $791
WSU CRC Data Management Support Hourly $67

*Pricing inclusive of university indirect costs 

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